Digital Signs Leave A Lasting Impression On American Consumers

For nearly all businesses, having a sign above or near the door is a given. Many business owners do not realize that company and/or office signs are a great advertising tool as well. Even so, there are still a lot of unanswered questions. What are the top places to use magnetic signs? Is an LED […]

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What are Magnetic Signs and How Are They Used?

When it comes to advertising a business, signs are one of the most popular marketing choices. They’re everywhere you look: hanging from ceilings or walls indoors to direct visitors, or displayed outdoors on rooftops, walls, awnings, alongside buildings, and even on the sides of cars and trucks. Despite this prevalence, however, studies show that these […]

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Three Ways to Use a Banner

Signs have been a popular form of advertising for centuries, with the first signs dating back to Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome, where people used displays made from terracotta or stone. Today, however, your local sign companies have a much greater variety at their disposal: outdoor signs can be found on rooftops, walls, awnings, standing […]

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Tips for Caring for Vinyl Banners

When it comes to banner care, there are a lot of different tips out there that you can look at. Be sure that if you want to keep your vinyl banners and banner signs lasting for a long time that you know what you need to do. There are all kinds of great ways that […]

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Why Wrap: Vehicle Wrapping vs. Car Painting

It is not unusual for me to get a phone call requesting a price for wrapping.  The caller inevitably says, ‘Maaco  was only a few hundred dollars for a paint job’ or ‘That’s a lot less than painting!’  I became curious: Why do some of my callers think our vehicle wrap pricing is reasonable, while […]

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