Designer of the “Fabulous Las Vegas” Sign Dies At 91

While illuminated signs have been popular for decades, few are as popular as the famous Las Vegas landmark sign, which proudly welcomes visitors to “Fabulous Las Vegas!” The 25-foot neon sign was installed in 1959 and likely inspired many business owners to contact an electric sign company themselves after seeing the benefits of illuminated signs […]

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Two Things To Think About When Buying Commercial Signs

What is one of the most profitable forms of advertising? Believe it or not, a company sign can attract new customers and ultimately bring in a considerable amount of money. Working with a commercial sign company can help you design the very best sign or signs for your business. Here are a few things to […]

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Edmond Bans Digital Signs in Close, Divisive Vote

Signs have been a prevalent form of advertising in a number of cultures for centuries. However, this popular marketing option has been transformed by a more modern innovation: digital signs. Studies show that locations that hire outdoor sign companies to install digital signage average 30% more sales than locations with traditional signs. Moreover, 40% of […]

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Three Ways A Sign Can Help You Advertise Your Business

When it comes to marketing your business, there are a variety of techniques you can use to help draw attention to your company and create an effective brand. Out of these methods, there is one in particular that many business owners consider a high priority: their company’s sign. Others, however, are more skeptical. “Will a […]

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Oregon Town Using Signs From Famous Owl Attacks to Raise Money for Local Park

Most businesses know that there are plenty of reason to hire local sign companies to produce business signs, office signs, banners and more. Research shows that the average person will see an outdoor sign about twice a day, or 60 times per month, and 35% of people wouldn’t even know a business is at its […]

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Augusta Sheriff’s Office Cracks Down On Illegal Signs

Wherever you go, signs are everywhere: standing on rooftops, mounted on walls, standing alone by buildings, hanging as banners or awnings and even displayed on the sides of cars and trucks. And when you factor in the printed paper or cardboard signs businesses often use to their advertise sales and services, you can add in […]

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What Colors Should You Use On Your Sign?

If you want to help your business, you have likely realized that adding or redesigning your sign is a great place to start. Stores that do not have a sign can expect to see more foot traffic after hiring a sign company, as studies show that 35% of people do not know where businesses are […]

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New Bill Could Allow Utah Businesses to Post Signs Along Scenic Byways

When it comes to office signs and other displays, business owners usually have one question: “will a sign get my business noticed?” In most situations, the answer is yes. Signs, which date back to Ancient Egypt and Rome, now exist in a variety of different forms, ranging from illuminated displays to digital billboards. Research indicates […]

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10 Benefits of Having a Professional Sign

If you are trying to improve the way you market your business, you have likely considered a number of different options, from filming a TV commercial to investing in online advertising. However, if you want to brand your company and increase local awareness of your operations, you should consider contacting outdoor sign companies near you […]

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Digital Signs Leave A Lasting Impression On American Consumers

For nearly all businesses, having a sign above or near the door is a given. Many business owners do not realize that company and/or office signs are a great advertising tool as well. Even so, there are still a lot of unanswered questions. What are the top places to use magnetic signs? Is an LED […]

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